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OEBB First Mission Trip Reflection Blog- July 2019 by Kim Chi Trinh- OEBB President

For the few weeks that I’ve been to Vietnam, I’ve felt as if I have lived twice.  By this, I felt as if my life experience has doubled and it seems I have lived for a longer time too. I definitely feel much more blessed in all aspects of my life since the start of Open Eyes Beyond Border.  From the joy of working alongside with friends, families and volunteers, to going on a mission trip across the globe. Working on this mission and fulfilling OEBB work are not simply responsibilities, but more like a personal quest for sharing life’s happiness, making a difference, and a pursuit for a change in perspective.


I have traveled to Vietnam many times before, but going on a mission to Vietnam is an entirely reviving experience.  The whole process of planning for a mission trip and being there can change anyone’s attitude. I encourage everyone- singles, couples, young and old; families, kids or without kids to choose any OEBB mission trip and be involved.  Once you go, your perspective will never be the same and your life will forever be enriched.

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