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An informal discussion and  Q&A Session to help address concerns and questions about covid-19 vaccine. Helping families having an informed decision and understanding of covid-19 vaccination. The discussion also helps bridging the gap of vaccine understanding due to second language. 


Although Covid-19 vaccines have been widely given to healthcare workers and some population groups this year; many seniors and families still have a lot of questions and uncertainties about of Covid-19 vaccination.

Questions such as existing health conditions and whether one should receive covid-19 vaccine or not? Is Covid-19 vaccine necessary? Or even the hesitation in getting a second vaccine dose after having some reaction to the first dose of vaccine, etc...

To help deliver the right information and address some of the concerns from the Vietnamese elderly about Covid-19 vaccine; Open Eyes Beyond Border (OEBB), together with Hoi Cao Nien Austin, and the health care professionals from AVAMPS group will organize a Q&A discussion session on Sunday, March 28th from 11am-12pm at the senior community place- Hoi Cao Nien Austin.

This informal discussion seminar has limited seating. So we had live-stream and broadcasted the discussion Q&A session on our Facebook to help the Vietnamese seniors and families to have an opportunity to ask more questions, learn the truth about Covid-19 vaccine, and have an informed decision when choosing to be vaccinated.  To see the video/boardcast, please visit our facebook page.

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