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We are looking for ALL volunteers, optometrist, optician, medical and non- medical, professional, non-professional to assist in various tasks throughout the mission trip.

“Do what you love and make a difference!”

Next mission trip abroad details on location and time will be updated,

Please email for any questions.

Laos Mission Trip photo.jpg


MARCH 7th-17th, 2024. 

(One day in Vietnam and 3 days working at 5 locations in Laos.)


🎁 Gift Giving:

*Give-away 100 gift sets to the blind and visually impaired people in Quang Tri, Vietnam. (Each set is valued ~260,000 VND/ $11 USD)

*Donating 400 sets of rice 10kg each & multiple vitamins to the disabled and disadvantaged seniors in the areas of Bao Quang temple- Savannakhet. (Each set is valued ~ 150,000 VND/ $6.5 USD)

*Give-away 400 gift sets of noodles, sugar & oil to parents of poor students at 4 locations in Savannakhet. (Each set is worth ~ 150,000 VND/ $6.5 USD)

*Donating 1,100 school-supply sets of booklets, pens and nutritional milk to poor students from 35 different schools in Savannakhet province. (Each set is worth ~ 150,000 VND/ $6.5 USD)


👓Total Vision Check-ups for

1100 students, ~200 adults, and 500 seniors.

Distributed 600 pairs of sunglasses, ~970 pairs of nearsighted & farsighted prescription glasses, 500 boxes of eye drops to treat dry eyes & 500 boxes of drops to treat itching/eye allergies for seniors, teachers & poor students in Savannakhet province- Laos.


More than 95% of students have never had their eyes checked. A large number of students and adults have high anisometropia (farsighted and nearsighted). 80% of adults and seniors have symptoms of pterygium and cataracts.

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