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Thank you again to all the contributors, donors and volunteers who have made this relief project possible. Please stay safe, stay positive and continue to do good

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With everyone’s effort, here’s what we were able to bring to Lake Charles for Hurricane Laura victims on Friday, Sep. 4th:

500+ hygiene kits*

(soap + shampoo + toothpaste +toothbrush + face towel + brush)

300 hand sanitizers 8oz

70 hand sanitizers size 1oz

560 cloth masks

550 medical masks

120 Deodorants

25 portable water filter tablets

30 water filter pitchers

100 wash towels

30 toothpaste boxes

30+ toothbrushes

30 cleaning gloves

50 electric box fans

54 flashlights

56 LED lanterns

51 gallons Bleach

42 portable gas stoves + gas cans

100 boxes of cereal

$1400+ (bread, pastry, noodles, breakfast bars, peanut butter, jam; canned food: tuna, chicken, spaghetti,mac & cheese, chicken soup, chili, bean, fruits, pasta)

*Hygiene kits donated by Heart to Heart International Partner.

All other relief items were collected and donated to OEBB for relief purpose. 

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