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Due to Hurricane Delta to the Lake Charles area, we had to reschedule our Relief Vision Clinic from Saturday afternoon- October 17th to Sunday morning- November 8th from 8:40-12:30pm.

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This Hurricane Delta Vision Relief Clinic for Lake Charles were made possible by:

VSP and Essilor Vision Foundation- prescription glasses sponsors.

Alcon- ophthalmic drops and eye vitamins

Dr. Sylvian Hien Ung, OD- 200 pairs of sunglasses and 100 pairs of readers.

Clear Vision Optometry, PC and Kim Chi Trinh, OD - retinal scan, ophthalmic equipment & relief items.

Yvonne Huong Nguyen & Nhom Chi Em Austin- hand made filtered cloth masks.

McCain Family Eyecare- Lake Charles.

Da Bao Temple- Lake Charles.

Family of Tho Nguyen & Khai Tieu- Lake Charles.

Volunteers from Austin & Houston: Anh Nguyen, Duy Phan, Phuong Le, Ryan Ly, Thao Tran, ThienThuy Ngo, Yvonne Huong Tran. 

Volunteers from Lake Charles: Khai Tieu, Tho Nguyen, Da Bao Temple Volunteer Group.

And Many behind the scenes volunteers from Austin, TX. 

We sincerely thank you for joining force with us to help hurricane victims even during covid-19 pandemic.  Thank you and please stay safe!

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