Scholarship Program Lead

Kim Chi Trinh

Linh Luong

Nguyen Nguyen

Vision Wellness Program Lead

Peter Tran

Linh Luong

 Anh Nguyen

Chairs and Advisors:

Volunteer Organizing Chair: Linh Luong

Project Networking Chair: Cymmy Applequist

Logistic Planner Chair: ThienThuy Ngo

Fundraising Chair: Chloe Tran

Member Outreach Chair: Ryan Ly

Accounting Consultant

Evelyn To

Cecile Nguyen

Our volunteers and administrators do NOT get pay. 
Our organization is a nonprofit and all-volunteer based.

100% of your donation will be used to help the underprivileged communities.

Open Eyes Beyond Border

P.O. Box 1811

Pflugerville, TX. 78691

Web: www.openeyesbb.org

Email: openeyesbb@gmail.com

Facebook: openeyesbb

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