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With funding donated to OEBB, contributors can truly unlock their outlook to life in various parts of the world, while seeing their contribution making an impact in the society through giving the underprivileged children’s hope, access to care, education, and furthermore improving their poverty living condition.

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     Early childhood vision care program helps detecting childhood eye disease,  preventing blindness and allows children to be visually ready for school in rural areas where access to vision care is limited.  

     Donated funding allows volunteer optometrists to be able to provide more vision exams and service glasses at no cost to underserved communities, along with educating young ones and their families the value of preserving healthy sights.

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      Access to care and education is the key to help these children unlock their potential for a better life.

      With $85, you can send a child to school for a year.  In villages where economic hardship prevent children from attending school, the gift of education has a tremendous effect on the future of many underprivileged children.

     The goal of the scholarship program is to help a child with annual scholarships until he/she graduates high school. Scholarships funds will be paid directly to the school at the beginning of each school year. The funds will help cover school tuition, uniforms, book, and educational-related expenses.

     Continual connection with the child’s progress will be updated and provided to our sponsors.

     OEBB team goes on mission trips to finalize selection of scholarship recipients, along with providing vision care and glasses at no cost to the children in those under-served areas. 

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     With less than 10 cents a day, the unused change or coins can be combined to help a friend with a whole year school supply.


     $10 will cover books, backpacks, pens, pencil, rulers... some of the essential supplies for school that many families in rural areas cannot afford for their children.


     $75 will support a bike for a child in impoverished areas.​

     In many poor areas, children have to walk for an hour to school.  Giving a bike to a child in need is the absolute resolution that will help many children in their daily journey.


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