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Tet Gift for Poor Students.

“Tết”- Lunar New Year is a joyous event for most families. However, for families in poverty after 2020 pandemic, “Tết” can be the most dreadful and destitute time for the entire family.

OEBB organization continue to bring some smiles for the poor children in Vietnam whose families are in the poverty line. We work with local partners to ensure the gifts are given directly to the students and families in need.

Each “Tết” gift for children is about $15, which include a bag of rice- 10kg, a set of new note books, 1 box of milk/cracker.

Any kind donation to this special Lunar New Year event for poor students is sincerely appreciated. We thank you for your generosity towards the well-being of the underprivileged children on this happy occasion of the Lunar New Year!

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