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Campaign to help Underprivileged Children's School Supply.

    $10 can help a child with a whole year school supply.


     $10 will cover books, backpacks, pens, pencil, rulers... some of the essential supplies for school that many families in rural areas cannot afford for their children.

Recent News:

"A Give Back" Event for Community

            Through OEBB local projects and worldwide humanitarian mission trips; volunteers, participants, and contributors can have a new outlook to life in various parts of the world.

             Fun Field Fest is an event hosted by Open Eyes Beyond Border as a way to give back to local U.S. communities.  We plan to host this event annually.

              We work with local businesses and community partners to create a fun and educational experience for families and their children. We encourage a positive attitude in young children while fostering strong, healthy body and mind.

OEBB sincerely thank you the following business partners and sponsors for OEBB 1st Fun Field Fest- 2019

Special Acknowledgment of OEBB valuable 

supporters & partners for

OEBB July 2019Vietnam Mission Trip 

Ly-Duong Foundation

Better Homes, Inc.

Perfect Vision Associates

Lake Pointe Elementary

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OEBB Holiday Cards for Senior Workshop and Junior Leads:
A unique opportunity for young ones to learn leadership with compassion.

Helping juniors open up to New Perspective, Love, Care and Respect for the Elders.