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Covid Relief - Grocery for Family Program- by Open Eyes Beyond Border organization aims to help families who are struggling with essential food and meals due to economic difficulties during covid pandemic.  

There is no cost to families in need.  

Families with young children or seniors who cannot afford essential groceries are encouraged to summit request as your earliest convenience.  Groceries will be delivered directly to your home.  Groceries are based on market availability.  Please check all food for allergy.  Once your grocery request is processed, we will inform you of delivery day.
Limit to one request per family per week. 

Each order request will come with market available groceries or meals for about 4 persons.  Please check the box if you need to request for additional items.  We will try to fulfill your request, however, all requests are subject to funding and market availability,  

Thank you for your understanding.  

We hope your family will stay safe during this covid pandemic.   

We utilize the delivery service to bring groceries directly to families in need without compromising social distancing and stay at home mandate, therefore at this time, we can only fulfill request for families in Texas state where H.E.B can process groceries delivery. 

Once we're able to confirm more grocery markets with home delivery, we will process request to help families in more states. 

Thank you for your patience.

We are proud to credit the success of these programs to you- our contributors, volunteers, and members.


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As you all know, 100% of donated funds to OEBB are used solely to support 

OEBB programs. Our administrators do not get paid.  Therefore, the annual membership due will go to help OEBB in sustaining our general operation. (Ie. Website maintenance, shipping..)


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