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Campaign to help Underprivileged Children's School Supply.

    $10 can help a child with a whole year school supply.


     $10 will cover books, backpacks, pens, pencil, rulers... some of the essential supplies for school that many families in rural areas cannot afford for their children.

Open Eyes Beyond Border

One Year in the making...

The journey..

"A Give Back" Event for Community

            Through OEBB local projects and worldwide humanitarian mission trips; volunteers, participants, and contributors can have a new outlook to life in various parts of the world.

             Fun Field Fest is an event hosted by Open Eyes Beyond Border as a way to give back to local U.S. communities.  We plan to host this event annually.

              We work with local businesses and community partners to create a fun and educational experience for families and their children. We encourage a positive attitude in young children while fostering strong, healthy body and mind.

Official Poster for OEBB Fun Field Fest