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 Due to concerns for air travel and the health of the doctors, volunteers, and students; OEBB will temporarily suspend the vision mission trip to Palawan, Philippines, that was initially scheduled for June 2020.

This year, OEBB will focus more on Local Give-back projects and programs that specifically help underserved communities and children who are most affected by the Covid-19.

Regarding the existing OEBB scholarship/sponsorship program, OEBB will remotely continue our support for the awarded scholarship/sponsorship students from Long An & Quang Ngai- Vietnam.  

Additional plans are considered to aid the children from poverty families in Palawan, Puerto Princesa- Philippines, with school supplies. 

We will continue with more updates as Covid-19 unfolds in the upcoming months. 

June 2020 Philippines Mission Trip Regis

For Mission Trip participation and consideration, please fill out the following 2 forms before submitting registration fee.

Thank you!

General Individual Information:  


Mission Trip Information:

Please feel free to contact us at for any questions.

All mission trip participants must fill out Mission Trip Form as part of the registration process

Wish list for Philippines 2020 Mission Trip...

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