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Welcome to Family/Kid Volunteer Program. 



In light of helping children to have perspective on the different values in life and volunteerism,

OEBB encourages family-children to join us our mission trips, and also participate in our many kid-friendly volunteer programs.

First Hat Collection/Family Volunteer Day:

  Saturday, June 1st, 2019 from 9am-11:30am.

Location:  Austin American Resource Center

8401 Cameron Rd. Austin, TX 78754. 

Subsequent collections will be given to children in

Philippines for 2020 mission trip.


Pamphlet guide for  Participating Children:  

Click for link.


Children can use the pamphlet guide to  talk to their friend/ school/ coach/ community about his or her volunteer work with OEBB. 

Overview & Purpose

“Hat-for-a-Friend” family program is a part of OEBB mission in early childhood vision care and prevent blindness.  Early sun protection can help prevent cataract, pterygium and many other vision problems later in life

Program Impact: 
Help children understands the concept of reuse, recycle.  
Help children to have perspective on the different values in life and volunteerism. 
Allows families to work together, instilling in children examples of appreciation and gratitude as a way of life.
Allow children to be "in charge' for his or her goal.  

Cost: 0
Unused or gently used sport caps or hats can be used to donate to another child in a different country.   
If your child participate in sport activities, your child can talk to the coach and the team about recycling the sport hats and caps at the end of the season.
You can also help by contacting the neighborhood YMCA or neighborhood sport leagues ie. soccer/baseball/basketball, etc. about the "Hat for a Friend" program with OEBB.  And collect the caps at the end of the season.

OEBB First collection of all hats from "Hat for a Friend" program will be given to the children in rural Vietnam villages in July 2019.  Subsequent collections will be given to children in Philippines and Nepal for 2020 mission trip. 

Additional Information:
Collect one hat or many. 
Either way, your young one deserves a pat on the shoulder for taking his/her first step in volunteerism and be a leader in making a difference.  Be sure to join us and other junior philanthropists on Sat. June 1st 2019 at OEBB Family Volunteer event.

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